Notice: Planning for the Future of Goliad Technologies

Dear Supporters,

We want to inform you that the board of directors of Goliad Technologies has made a preliminary decision to plan for the winding up of our organization’s operations after fulfilling our current commitments, which is anticipated to be by late 2025. While this decision is not final and circumstances could potentially change, we believe it is important to be transparent with our donors and supporters about our future plans.

As a non-profit organization committed to our mission, we deeply value the support and contributions of each donor. Your generosity has been instrumental in advancing our mission of developing and implementing technical solutions to benefit society.

Should you choose to donate or continue supporting us during this period, please be aware of our current planning direction. We remain dedicated to stewarding your donations responsibly and effectively until the completion of our commitments.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support as we navigate this transition. For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].


Goliad Technologies
June 25, 2024






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